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It’s a slow day today. Nothing much to report. I sewed a little on the Easy Street quilt, but haven’t finished it. I quilted a little on the Advent wall hanging, but haven’t finished it. I thought about the sample quilts I need to make and the blocks I need to layer, but didn’t even start either of them!

But there were a few comments to previous posts that I thought I would address.

First, Friendly Freckles, I’m not really teaching a workshop, I’m just the one in charge. Our quilt group is planning on making donation quilts for some local charities. We are going to have a workshop in February to get together and work on making those donation quilts. The committee in charge of the donation quilts asked if I could lead the workshop, which will consist of me handing out kits for the quilts and answering any questions that anyone might have about the pattern and/or technique. Also, I get to show up early to open the room and stay late to close the room where we will be meeting. Exciting stuff!!!

This is the pattern we will be using for the donation quilts:


Second, Jeanine, thanks for your comment. It’s always great to hear from you. Hope your weather has been a little nicer than we have had here! Be sure to let me know when you next plan a visit this way and maybe we can get together and have a sewing/play day!

Your question about how many quilts I’ve made over the years has me kind of stumped! I knew that I had made a list at one time that included all of the quilts I could remember. But I couldn’t remember how many quilts were on that list OR where the list was hiding.

Then a miracle happened!!! I actually remembered where the list was supposed to be AND it was actually there!!!!

Here is what the list revealed. The list was written in the beginning of 2010 – I know that because the last quilt written down has a note that I started it in March 2010. There were 56 quilts on the list. Nine of those quilts had SNF written next to them – that is short for Still Not Finished! But I did finish two of those quilts since then:


LB's quilt

These two were on the list, so they had been started in 2010 or earlier and I finally got them finished.

Then I had to start thinking about the quilts that I’ve started and finished since then. There were an even dozen!! Wow! I surprised myself with that! In three years I’ve made a dozen quilts – I’ve become much more productive lately!! Of course, I’m no longer raising children so I guess I have more time for such things.

So here is the final tally. I have not added any quilts that I have started but not finished since 2010. There are a number of them because I made quite a few flimsies in the past two years. Right now there are 68 quilts on my list, 7 of them are still noted as SNF. So I have made 61 quilts over the years!!!

Alright, I’m tired just thinking about that! I think I’ll go relax with some sewing!


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