So much for big talk

I think I might have mentioned that I didn’t make any resolutions for this year. Well, that might have been a slight, tiny, hardly noticable, little white lie.

I know, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have tried to mislead you. But, really, I didn’t make any RESOLUTIONS, I simply made a list of SUGGESTIONS for myself!!!!

As in, I SUGGEST that I try to lose weight this year 😉

getting weighed

And, I SUGGEST that I not buy more fabric than I can use.

Okay, that just warrants a ROTFLOL!!!! 😯

Well, with these simple SUGGESTIONS in mind, I went surfing around on the web for various information. And I found Nann at With Strings Attached. Here is a link to her January 1 blog entry:

I know that some people out there keep track of their stash in/stash out totals, with the goal of keeping the outs less than the ins. But when I saw Nann’s entry, it blew me away. A spread sheet!! With average cost per yard!!!

And did you all take a look at the 2007 entry for yards bought!?! 1,718!!!!! DH needs to realize that I am not any where close to being the person with the most fabric!!! And, finally, I want to meet up with Nann and go shopping with her!! She bought 142 yards of fabric for $2.00 per yard – why can’t I run across deals like that!?!

Okay, I’m not going to start a spread sheet, but one of my SUGGESTIONS is that I keep some sort of tally of stash in/stash out. I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to do that yet, but I think that some form of accountability will be good for me.


2 thoughts on “So much for big talk

  1. What is a ROTFLOL? I’m thinking that LOL is Laughing out Loud, but what is the rest of it? As you already know, MY GOAL is to lose as much weight as possible before the end of April. I have a REALLY BIG incentive to do that. The really hard part will be keeping it off. Hopefully see you tonight.


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