A Tale of a Christmas Quilt – the conclusion

As you will recall, there was a beautiful princess that asked her fairy godmother to make her a quilt. The fairy godmother worked long and hard to make the perfect quilt. She struggled through adversity and attacks by an evil witch named (Hurricane) Sandy. But she perservered and finally the quilt was finished.


The only thing left to do was to present the quilt to the beautiful princess and hope that she would be pleased (because a beautiful princess that isn’t pleased is a terrible thing to see!!)

Finally the day came when the beautiful princess and her brother and sisters – that would be the handsome prince and two more beautiful princesses – stopped in to see their fairy godmother.

What a wonderful day! It was at the magical time of Christmas when all people unite in goodwill and fellowship. Everyone had gifts for everyone else to show their love for one another.

The last gift to be opened was the one from the fairy godmother to the firstborn beautiful princess.

The suspense was immense! Would she like the quilt that had been sewn with so much love? Or would it be rejected as too old-fashioned? Surely not the latter, when the beautiful princess was the one that asked for a quilt!!! But maybe the design would not be to her taste. Or maybe . . .

Slowly the princess opened the package and revealed the quilt. And then . .

Squeals of joy!!!

The beautiful princess LOVED her new quilt. In fact, she said it was the best Christmas gift she had received!!! Peace and Happiness reigned in the kingdom!!


And everyone lived happily ever after!

Oh, and the second born beautiful princess said her favorite colors are pink and purple!!! 😉


One thought on “A Tale of a Christmas Quilt – the conclusion

  1. I just love a happy ending! Now everyone in the kingdom will be asking for their own quilt, in their favorite colors. I think the Fairy Godfather, (that sounds like a cross between Cinderfella and the Godfather movie), needs to assist with future quilt presents with a magical long arm quilting machine. AND the space for it can magically appear above the garage.
    We can only dream.


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