Today is NOT a linky party

We’re moving right along on Easy Street.. Instead of a linky party on this Monday, we were given another clue!! Here is a link to Bonnie’s post, just so you can see what our clue is:

I’ve had lots of guesses about how this quilt might turn out. All of which appear to be wrong!!!













Fortunately for me, I took pictures of all the different variations that I thought up. Some day these may develop into a quilt or two (or more!)

Well, since I need to work on the current clue today (and some other less important stuff, like office work, cleaning and cooking!) I better get at it. Tomorrow is the final clue and I can’t wait to see where this goes!!

The next linky party will be on Monday, January 7 – according to Bonnie. I hope I’ll have a lot of progress to report.


4 thoughts on “Today is NOT a linky party

  1. I am amazed how many ways those simple small blocks can be combined into so many designs!! I like your colors and can’t wait to see your finished filmsy. Thanks for sharing your ideas and experiences.


  2. I am not quite caught up. I have parts 1-5 finished and don’t have enough black-on-white and enough large pieces of lime green to finish!! Oh no! So I’m off to the store on my last day of Christmas vacation to get what I need. It’s been really fun as I’m setting up my new sewing room to take breaks and sew the mystery quilt. Can’t wait to see the final quilt!


  3. I’ve been slipping behind, too. I’m not too far behind on the first version that I’m doing in Bonnie’s colors. I haven’t got all the double brick units from the background fabrics done. And I haven’t had enough time to work on step 7, let alone step 8! On my second version I’ve only finished up to step four. So I’ve got quite a bit of catching up to do! Now that the holidays are over, maybe I’ll have more time for sewing.

    We’re going to have to coordinate our schedules again to see if we can work in a play day. And what about a trip to Lancaster? The quilt show is in March, isn’t it? And I’m sure that there are other shows we might want to go to.

    Oooh! So many fun things to do, so little time to do them!


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