Two days after Christmas

I know I wrote yesterday that I was going to work on the Easy Street mystery, but that didn’t happen. Instead, because there was snow and sleet, DH and DS#2 had to go out and plow driveways. Which meant that DGC#3 and DGC#5 needed a place to stay. Guess where that was?


Yes, my two little imps, I mean, angels, came to my house for the day.

So much for sewing.

So much for cleaning.

So much for anything besides keeping the grandchildren fed and entertained!!

Today I am hoping for better things. The grandchildren will be with their mother today and DH still has to be out to take care of driveways. I have some office work to attend to, then a little cleaning, then – SEWING!!!

I want to get caught up on step #5 of Easy Street because Bonnie will be sending out clue #6 tomorrow morning! Heaven’s! I wouldn’t want to get too far behind, because I might never get caught up!


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