Twas the day after Christmas

and all through the house, not a creature was stirring to clean this messy house!!!

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas day. We certainly had a lot of fun. Christmas eve found us at DS#2’s house with most of the family gathered together.


Here are the darling grandchildren. I had to snap some photos quick because no one wanted to sit still for a picture!

Then, Christmas morning at our house started out like this:


After the day was pretty much over, this is how everyone was looking:


I managed to sneak in a little time to sew, very early in the morning, before DH woke up. So now I have a few more pieces for the Easy Street mystery quilt. I might be able to work on it some more today, since the weather is “frightful” right now.

BTW – DBIL loved his quilt!


One thought on “Twas the day after Christmas

  1. It looks like you had a great Christmas! And I did, too, especially with my grandchildren. Neither quilt for the girls was completely finished yesterday but we all got a good laugh out of grandma once again giving gifts with “just a little more to do!” DGC#2 just needed the binding hand-sewn but DGC#3 has much more to get done. Oh well, they loved them anyway and they did get some other store bought gifts. Spent the day with them relaxing and sewing binding. However, today I have been waiting to get back to Bonnie’s mystery quilt. I’ll work on the girls quilts in the evenings since it’s mostly hand work, but I’ve spent a good part of the day cutting and sewing the mystery. Have to catch up so I’ll be ready for the next clue on Friday. Hope we get to sew together this week, but the weather may not cooperate.


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