Drum roll, please! Finally, I can reveal the hexie project.


My quilt group does a Christmas block project each year. We are each given a kit of Christmas fabrics. Then we need to make a 12″ block using any pattern we choose and only the fabrics in the kit. At our Christmas luncheon, we all show our blocks and then everyone who participated puts their name into the hat for a drawing. One lucky person gets all the blocks, which they can use to make a sampler quilt. Because we are all using the same fabrics the blocks all work together. I decided to go crazy and make mine with hexies. First I was just going to make a flower and applique it to the background but that didn’t look right. So I just kept making hexies until it did look right!


Here we all are at the luncheon. BTW – The lucky winner of the blocks wasn’t me. 😦

And finally, I am wondering if I’ve chosen the proper name for Norman.


Even though his coloring is not correct, perhaps Garfield would have been a better choice!!!


3 thoughts on “Ta-da!!

  1. OMG! Is he in the refrigerator? Maybe Dora the Explorer might have worked.
    So sorry you didn’t win the exchange blocks. You’ll just have to make yourself one like the hexie block…after the Christmas rush is finished.

    I took a hexie project along to the antique show we did in Morgantown on Sunday. Good thing. We had less than 30 customers from 6:00am til 1:00pm when we left. I basted almost (50) 1 1/2″ bright hexagons for another premie quilt to donate. Last night I put three rows of them together. See what you’ve started – again! I just love making them, in any size. Maybe I should try the giant ones I showed you on Saturday!


  2. Sorry you didn’t win! It would have been hard for me to give that one up. Did they have to wrestle that block out of your hands?? But you worked all the kinks out of it so you can make an entire quilt out of those blocks for yourself! Bev and I are such enablers. Besides, now is when all those Christmas fabrics are going on sale. All of Old Country Store (Intercourse, PA) Christmas fabrics are now 15% off. Check their website.


  3. You two can sure encourage me to start more projects!! Like I need encouragement! 😉

    Yes, Norman jumped into the fridge when I was getting out ingredients for supper. Thankfully, it was all packaged food and bottles, so he didn’t get his paws into anything. And, thankfully, I saw him and took his picture then got him out of there. I don’t want to think what he might have done if I’d shut him in there!


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