Easy Street Part 3 Linky Party

I’ve made it to part 3 of the Easy Street mystery quilt. I really like how this is going. I have enough time to make all the pieces and then I don’t have to wait forever to get the next clue!!

I was able to finish the pieces for part 3 for one of the quilts:

I needed to make 64 of these units. Done! According to my calculations that would mean that four of these units will be in each block. Here’s a guess about how that will look:

I have no idea if this is even close, but it’s kind of fun to try to guess!

Here is my progress on the second Easy Street quilt:

I’m still working on part 2 – 128 flying geese units. I got a little behind with this one because of the “bleepity-bleep” cold that I had. I’m feeling much better today, although my voice is still pretty hoarse. Anyway, I should get caught up today or tomorrow at the latest, if all goes according to plan.

Here is the link back to Bonnie’s blog to check out the progress of everybody else that is joining in on this mystery:


In other news – I have only 12 more hexies to sew onto my hexie project and then it will be finished!! Then I have to give it to its new owner and then I can finally reveal what it looks like. I am so not wanting to give it away, because I am really happy with the way it is finishing up. I guess this means I will have to start another hexie project that will be for me!!! OH NO!! ANOTHER PROJECT!!!! 😉

I was able to get so much done on the hexies because I had a sewing day on Saturday. Bev and Barb came to join me and we were all able to get a lot of things worked on. Barb is moving right along on quilts for her two princesses, to be given as Christmas gifts. And Bev worked on her Bonnie quilt that was started in the workshop we attended in July. I love her color choices:

Double pink, poison green and cheddar!! Does anyone else see the two surprises she threw into the mix?


4 thoughts on “Easy Street Part 3 Linky Party

  1. You both are correct. There is one block that has blue pieces instead of green. The block on the lower left side is actually purple. She thought it would be fun to mix up the colors a little bit.


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