Linky Parties are cool!!

I know “Cool” is showing people my age, but how cool is it to have so many people visit!?! I had no idea that joining a linky party would bring so much traffic to my blog. To everyone that is stopping by – I hope you enjoy my views on life and quilting and, that you’ll visit again.

Today I haven’t got much to report in the way of progress. I’ve finished step one of the Easy Street mystery, so there’s nothing new there. Just waiting impatiently for the next step this Friday. I didn’t get much else done yesterday, mostly because DH was home most of the day. This is the slower time of the year, so he didn’t have a lot to keep him away from home. We decided to go to the cabin for the afternoon to process the deer that he got last week during hunting season. I canned seven quarts of meat while he sliced up most of the rest for jerky.

I hadn’t been to the cabin since before the storm (Hurricane Sandy). Wow! We were very lucky that there was no major damage done up there. On the drive in it looked like a bomb had gone off in the woods. A LOT of trees were down. It’s no wonder it took so long for power to be restored. The one tree that had landed on the roof of the cabin did not hit hard, so we dodged a bullet with that. It is now cut in lengths to process into firewood. There will be a lot of firewood cut when we start cleaning up in the spring. Right now the guys have cut away just enough to get through.

I did work on my little hexie project while the meat was in the canner. Sorry, I can’t reveal a photo of that right now. I hope to have it done in a couple weeks and I’ll be able to post a picture of the finished project then.

I guess I better get to work on some of the many, many, MANY things that need to be done around here. I really need to get all caught up on office work for DH so that I can spend some time on Friday with the next step of Easy Street. Barb, I hope you were able to get all your foursies sewn together.


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