Miscellaneous Stuff

First a big thank you to mom for sending me some of the pictures she took at Thanksgiving.

This was the main table set up in the house. We had put a second table lined up with our dining room table to seat 14. There was also a smaller table behind the people on the right, where four more people could sit. Then we had a table for four in the sitting area of the master bedroom (through the doorway that you can see at the right of the photo.) The table in the kitchen seated four more. Everyone else took their chances balancing plates on their laps in the living room. Miraculously, there were no major spills, especially when you take into account that 8 of the 31 people were children! We had four generations of the family together which was wonderful (and chaotic!!)

Second, I finished all the four patches for the Easy Street mystery quilt. And I’ve joined the Monday Linky party on Bonnie Hunter’s Quiltville blog. Now I have to wait until Friday for the next clue. But I’ll be keeping busy in that time. After all, I still have to sew the binding on the “Princess” quilt, finish assembling and quilting the red, white and blue quilt for DBIL. Oh, and take care of some pesky office work for DH. Friday is the end of the month, when I need to do invoicing. I would MUCH rather be sewing, but I guess I’m going to have to work! I also have my small hexie project to finish in the next couple weeks. AND I unearthed a pre-printed panel for an Advent calendar quilt – I could try to finish that before the end of this week!! Yeah, I think I have enough to keep me occupied for the next three days!!

Third, yes Friendly Freckles, I am using my old Singer 15-91. I finally cleared out the space in front of it, so that I could actually use it. I realized that I hadn’t been using it for quite a while and I didn’t want it to freeze up and never run again. So it is all cleaned and oiled and running quite well. Correct me if I’m wrong, Mom, but I believe that this was Grandmom’s sewing machine before she passed it on to you. I do remember that this is the machine that I learned to sew on many (many, many!!!) years ago. The cabinet is different. The old cabinet was falling apart so DH put it into an old treadle cabinet that we got from his Uncle Orville. The treadle machine and the foot pedal were long gone when we got it, but it still has all the drawers. BTW – I did a search of the serial number and this machine dates from 1950.


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