Mighty hunter

This is not about all the men (and some of the women) in my family who are at hunting camp.  Yes, some of them have been successful in acquiring meat for their freezers. But this is not about them.

This is about Norman.

He is still spending time outside with his mother. Although he is eating cat food, his mother is still letting him nurse. And since the weather has been mild, I thought I’d let him continue that for a little longer.

Yesterday, I looked outside and this is what I saw:


That chipmunk is almost as big as Norman! Now, I don’t really think that Norman caught a chipmunk all by himself. Probably mom was showing him her hunting skills. But he was quite proud of himself for wrestling such large (for him) prey!

And now for a peek at another Christmas quilt for another “princess”


This is the quilt that Barb is making for her DGD. Remember I loaned her my Tri Recs rulers so she could make those pretty star blocks? Her little princess loves zebras, hence the zebra print. And I love, love, love the hot pink sashing strips!

Gotta work for my other boss today, so I better get moving.


2 thoughts on “Mighty hunter

  1. I like the idea of this quilt–a very simple pattern allowing the fabric to create a stunning design!! makes me want to commit to making one since I already have fabric and time. thanks for sharing.


    1. Thanks Jeanine! I don’t usually buy large prints because when you cut them up, you lose the beauty of the print. But this design is ideal for large prints. And you’re right, the fabric does most of the work!


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