Company’s coming!

Oh yes, the holidays are upon us. I will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday. I always have my dinner on Saturday so that family has time to travel to my place and not have conflicts with other schedules. I believe there will be approx. 28 people here on Saturday evening.

I’ve stocked up on all the fixings. Various family members are bringing some of the food. I am now in super overdrive cleaning mode. I feel like the woman that was given a pretty flower. When she went to put it in a vase, she noticed the vase was dirty, so she cleaned it. Then when she set the flower in the vase on a table, she noticed how dusty the table was, so she cleaned that. Then she stepped back and noticed how bad the drapes looked . . . Eventually she wound up cleaning every nook and cranny of her home until it sparkled.

I wish she would show up here!!!

Well, I’m not going to worry about every nook and cranny, but I am trying to get the main living areas in reasonable shape.

Since pictures of me dusting furniture are not that exciting, I’ll leave you with this:

I may say it to DH, but I don’t really mean it!!


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