Mystery quilts

Last year I made two mystery quilts. (Sorry, I only have a photo of one of them. Picture the other one with the same pattern using Christmas prints.) I really like the way they turned out. They are at the flimsy stage, waiting for me to get a long arm quilter so I can finish them. I hope they don’t hold their breath!! It could be a while before that happens!

Now, let me clarify something. I really like the quilts I made, but the whole mystery process was excruciating.


Gut wrenching.


Okay, mildly annoying!

I really didn’t like the process of working on one step and then having to wait (and wait and WAIT) for the next step.

But now I am going to do another mystery quilt!

What on earth has gotten into me?

Have I lost my mind?

Okay, don’t answer that!!

Here is my reasoning:

First – this is being done by Bonnie Hunter (enough said!)

Second – the wait time between steps is one week, not two months. I think I can curb my impatience for seven whole days!

Third – all my friends are doing it!! (No mom, if they all jump off a cliff I won’t do that too!) Besides, by “all” I mean Barb is doing the same mystery quilt. If anyone else is joining in, let me know.

Now for another mystery – I have a little project that I need to finish by next month. I can’t reveal it right now but I’ll give you a little hint:




3 thoughts on “Mystery quilts

  1. Oh boy, oh boy oh boy! More hexies! How big are they? Do you need a bazillion of them? Inquiring minds want to know. I finished the bright, little hexie quilt I showed to you guys. Now I’m itching to start another hexie project. Just what I need, another PIG. Good thing I enjoy the journey, not just the destination.


  2. I’m still working on my little hexies so my hexie obsession is being fulfilled at the moment but you had to show me that really cool framed hexie and it’s been bothering me. But it will have to wait until after Christmas. I have enough with trying to make two DGD quilts and keep up with the Bonnie mystery. Speaking of which, I need more limey apple green because I used up most on my DGD’s quilt. Oh dear! More fabric shopping! And I’m like you, Cheryl, about the mystery quilt. I’m trying to let go of my need to control the whole project and just have fun with it. You’re right – only because it’s Bonnie! Wonder if we could get the third muskateer to buy into this???? We know she has enough fabric…just maybe not the colors Bonnie is using. Hmmmm.


  3. You guys are killing me with temptation! Must stay strong! Do you know the ribbing I’d get from DH over starting ANOTHER project!….But it would be fun and I didn’t even make a dent in the blue tub with the two strip race quilts. What will I do? Ack! Must fondle fabric. Step away from the mystery.


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