Let me introduce you


This is Norman.

I have decided that I would like a quilting buddy. Someone that I can talk to. I think if I’m talking to an animal it appears less crazy than if I’m talking to myself!!

Norman was born to a barn cat, but I’ve been able to tame him to the point that he comes toddling over for a belly rub when I come outside. He seems to like all the attention that he’s been getting.

He will be getting some attention from the vet soon, which he may not like as much! And then he will be joining me in the studio.


2 thoughts on “Let me introduce you

  1. He is so cute! Of course, this means you’ll have cat hair on all your fabric because they love to sit on any piece of available fabric. But I wouldn’t give up Thomas (a.k.a Tomcat) for anything now that he has increased my household to 2. And yes, I walk around all the time talking to Thomas and waiting for him to reply.


  2. I’m sure Norman will grow up to be a great Quilt Inspector. He’ll follow you around and always want to be in the same room as you. If you displease him, he’ll leave you presents, (like in the bath tub). If he wants your approval, he’ll leave you presents, (like on the rug in front of your side of the bed). Mostly, he’ll love all the attention he can get. He’ll also make a great nap buddy for Tim. Even if Tim doesn’t “like” him. My Dad’s cat, (a declawed stray that was dropped off at the farm), rides the golf cart with him. You’ll never go to the bathroom alone again. Just like when kids are little. Give him a chin scratch from me.


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