How was the shop hop?

Gr-r-r-e-a-t!!! (picture Tony the Tiger!)

What a wonderful two days of shopping and visiting with friends!

But I have to ask myself –


I started off innocently enough – I bought 3 half yards of 30’s reproduction fabric to add to my collection:

And the next few stores were very nice, but I didn’t go too crazy:

Two batik fabrics to add to the stash.

A few neutrals to replenish the stash.

Then I found some of THIS! I’ve wanted to do a quilt with these colors – sky blue, peachy-pink, yellow. Oh my. Well, they jumped off the shelves and followed me home!

I’ve always wanted to do a red and green quilt and this book whispered temptingly until I finally gave in and bought it. I mean, what’s a girl to do? It said, “You know you want me. You’ll never make a red and green quilt if you don’t buy me. Go on, I’m not that expensive. Buy Me!”

Of course, the book is just like Barbie. It’s not the book that is expensive, it’s all the accessories! I had to buy the red and green fabric to have on hand to start the quilt, after the seventy-two – and counting – projects that I’ve already started!

All these homespuns jumped off the shelves and into my arms! The first photo is grouped for a quilt that I really would like to finish soon. The second photo is all pretty pink checks and plaids – some future quilt for a lucky girl sometime!

Thursday morning we were up bright and early to go at it again! Then I found this for a Halloween quilt. Not that it’s going to get done for this Halloween!! Just some Halloween!

Then Barb found a scrap basket where we could fill a baggie for only $4.00!! Woo-hoo!! Here’s what fit inside one little baggie:

A piece of green solid (almost one yard) and a whole lot more homespun! Jackpot!

More fabrics for unspecified projects. I think I am going to stop shopping for fabric for a little while!!!

Whew! Looking at all of it makes me want to sew, but I have places to go and things to do today. So I’ll wait until tomorrow and next week. We’re getting a forecast for snow. Perfect quilting weather – as long as the power doesn’t go out!!


One thought on “How was the shop hop?

  1. We had such fun on the Shop Hop. I haven’t tried to get a total amount of yardage I bought. It looks like quite a pile! Can’t wait until Wed. for our quilting days at the cabin

    Happy birthday! (Nice presents you bought)


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