Today’s Agenda

Most of you know that I am a follower of Bonnie Hunter (click on the link to Quiltville and check it out!) Not only does she make beautiful quilts, teach, write books, travel and take care of her family – she is now tracking how she is organizing her home!! Okay, I need to find out what she is doing that gives her so much energy, because I need some of that!!!!

Taking my inspiration from her, I am going to attempt to get things organized around here (notice I said “attempt”, I am not guaranteeing any kind of actual results!)

First on the list is the cutting table in my sewing room. It is now non=functional because there is so much stuff that has accumulated on top of it. Everything that doesn’t have a home finds its way onto the surface of the cutting table.

Here are some ideas of what I would like to see in my sewing room:

Here is what I have to work on:

In a perfect world, here is what cleaning up the mess would be like:

Here is what I feel like:

I’m going to get to work on the mess so that I can move forward on a number of projects. Plus, we’ve only got 2 (TWO!!!) more days until the shop hop and I’ll be bringing in MORE stuff!!! Now I’m really motivated!!!


One thought on “Today’s Agenda

  1. You use the best pictures for your blog! Those rooms are dreamy. I wonder if they look as nice after dark (the only time I get to play with fabrics). Only two more days! Can you see me jumping up and down? Woo Hoo!


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