Autumn Glory party

Saturday was our traditional party after the Autumn Glory Festival. We had a nice crowd and I think everyone had a good time. DH sure did!

Earlier in the day, before the crowd rolled in for supper, DS#2 took mom on a ride in his ATV.

The band was in full swing when DS#2 joined in.

Although this photo isn’t very clear, I had to include it.

That’s DS#1 and DS#2 dancing together!

Eventually we had a lot of people out on the dance floor.

Okay, I better get to work around here. The washer is done running, so that needs switched to the dryer. Another load goes into the washer. While that runs, I get to attempt to clear my desk of all the paperwork. Then there’s dishes, more laundry, dusting, vacuuming, clean the bathrooms, mop the floors, answer the phones, reply to e-mails, more paperwork, more dishes, more laundry . . . I think you get the picture!! Oh, and in my spare time, I can get ready for the next wave of guests at the cabin, which is my quilt group ladies on Thursday and Friday!!!

My mantra for today is “Just 8 more days until shop hop.”


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