Whew! Things are calmer today.

After the last few hectic days, things are back to “normal” today. I have a good bit of office work to take care of for DH, the house is a disaster area and I can fit in a little sewing!

Here is what I managed to do yesterday. Two dishcloths all finished except for working the ends in. Even though the delivery trip took most of the day, I don’t feel like it was a total waste of my time. But I would have much preferred to finish piecing blocks. I need to put on my thinking cap and come up with a twelve volt sewing machine and a drop down dashboard tray table so that I can sew on any long trips!!!

Once we were home, I decided that I couldn’t stay away from the sewing machine any longer. After all, September is National Sewing Month.

I have finally completed sewing all the blocks together for the Bonnie quilt!!!! Yeah Me!!! I am now, purposely, going to procrastinate on this quilt and lay the blocks aside for later. This may mean that this quilt will not be finished for a VERY LONG TIME!! But I have GOT to work on my challenge quilt, since it needs to be finished in the next 22 days!!! Wish me luck with that.


3 thoughts on “Whew! Things are calmer today.

  1. Your Bonnie blocks are beautiful! I haven’t done a thing to mine since I came home from the workshop (drat!). But I was at a workshop this last weekend for our quilt guild 25th anniversary and I have worked on that one this past week. It’s a Christmas wall hanging (50″ x 50″) and I would LIKE to have that finished for the holidays. We’ll see… I really think we need some sewing time together to work on these projects!!! When girls??????


  2. Oh Cheryl! You inspire me so much with all you get done. I wish I were that far along with my Bonnie blocks… or anything. Guess I need to take my little tumbler pieces along to the show this weekend. Maybe then I can find time to play with fabric.
    I’ll check our schedule and see if i can squeeze in some retreat time anywhere.


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