Come and listen to a story (caution – a lot of photos in this post)

Once upon a time there was a great Queen of Everything (me) and her consort, He-Who-Obeys-All (hey, this is my story, I can take poetic license with some details!!!) One day, He-Who-Obeys-All said to his queen, “We should go on a great quest for adventure. Let us prepare and leave in one day’s time.”

“off with his head!” said the queen.

Fortunately for He-Who-Obeys-All, the queen changed her mind and they prepared for their quest.

They packed saddlebags, put on leather raiment and mounted their mighty steed.

They had not gone far (a couple miles) when the mighty steed refused to continue. He-Who-Obeys-All had not fed the mighty steed since the last quest and he had hoped to make it to the closest feeding station, but alas, that was not to be. He-Who-Obeys-All was very lucky that the mighty steed stopped just next door to a magical wizard (a new neighbor, what a way to meet someone!), who was able to conjure feed for the steed.

And with that the queen and her consort were finally on their way. This is the view that the queen had for most of the quest for adventure:

They traveled through many wondrous places, passing through fruitful vineyards (who knew that the largest and oldest vineyards in the United States are in the Erie area?)

until they reached the shores of a giant inland sea, known as Erie.

But there were still many weary miles to travel before the end of their quest.

Finally, the queen and her consort reached their destination – the village of Niagara Town!

After finding an inn nearby and getting a good rest, the queen and her consort went to see the great falling water. He-Who-Obeys-All heard the voice of a young maid which came from the mist of the falling water. The maid said, “You must get closer to the great falls. Here is a ship which will carry you into the very heart of the water.”

The queen and her consort were given magic raiment to shield them from the dangers of the waters.

Then the ship carried them to the base of the great falling water.

After the ship conveyed them back to it’s starting point, the queen and He-Who-Obeys-All made a pilgrimage up the stairs beside the falling water. There they were able to be bathed in the magical waters that blew from the falls. Unbeknownst to them, the magical raiment had lost it’s power of protection. So, despite their continued wearing of it, they were quite literally bathed!

After being soundly drenched, the pair crossed over a stone bridge to the island of the goat for more wondrous sights.

After all the wonders of the great falling water, the queen and her consort made the return trip to their castle. They took a long and leisurely route, enjoying the trip back as much as the adventure they had been on.

And He-Who-Obeys-All never forgot to feed the mighty steed again.


4 thoughts on “Come and listen to a story (caution – a lot of photos in this post)

  1. Oh, Great Queen of Everything, me thinks you should make a quilt as great as your adventure to remember this quest to the blue waters and me thinks the adventure in the colorful month of October to select wonderous fabrics from small tradeswomen would be just the right time for a Queen of your greatness to take her loyal subjects with her!


  2. Does this mean Barbara and I are Ladies-in-Waiting-for-the-Quilt-Shop-Hop? I’m NOT going on the trip in costume. Once a year is enough!


  3. Just in case you are wondering, I told Beverly (and lots of other family and friends) about your story of your wondrous adventure. I agree with Barbara that you should make a quilt to remember your adventure.


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