Anything can be fodder for a blog post

Yesterday I spent my break time laying out all the units for my blocks. I tried to have each block without a repeat of fabric in it. This is much harder than it sounds! But here are my stacks of units ready to be pieced into blocks:

Please take special note of the alignment of the units. Right now they are all aligned correctly! Hopefully, when sewing, I will be able to keep them that way!!

That was all that I could do yesterday. There was no time for sewing, since it took so much to get the pieces arranged. And that was all I was going to be able to post about. BORING!!!

But then I read my comments this morning when I signed on. Most were spam, which I just had to delete. But one was from my BFF, Bev. (I’m not picking on you, Bev, I just need something for the post today!!)

Bev says that she is jealous of the progress I’ve made on the Bonnie Hunter quilt. Apparently I am further along than she is. Well, yes, I am moving along on the Bonnie quilt.

But I haven’t been sewing dresses with my relatives. Bev is spending evenings with some of her relatives making costumes for a local festival which is going to be going on this weekend. Everyone that has a booth dresses in Colonial costume. It’s a lot of fun – I wish I could be there this weekend, but it’s just not going to happen. And I know for a fact – since I made ONE costume – that it takes a lot of time and effort. I’m not sure of the total number of costumes that Bev and her family are making, but it’s more than one.

It’s all a matter of priorities. Bev is spending time with family, getting ready for an event and actually COMPLETING ON TIME, the projects that she needed to complete. Way to go Bev!!!

I, on the other hand, am concentrating on one project. During each of my breaks throughout the day, I spend a few minutes working on that one project. And actually, I shouldn’t be working on it because I really need to finish the jelly roll quilt that I started up at the cabin. The jelly roll quilt has a deadline for completion, if I want to enter it in the quilt show with the other challenge quilts from our quilt group. The Bonnie quilt is just for my enjoyment and doesn’t HAVE to be finished by a certain time.

Now the question is – have I convinced myself to get busy with the jelly roll quilt, so that I will have it ready for the quilt show?

Sort of. Since I spent all that time laying out the units, I really feel that I should finish sewing the blocks together. Mainly because, if I don’t sew them together, they will get all mixed up and then I will have to sort them again!! So, after I sew the blocks together, I will lay them aside and get serious about the jelly roll quilt. I have just over a month to get that finished, so I really can’t waste much more time!! Although any time spent quilting is not really a waste of time!!!


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