The Tale of a Christmas Quilt – Beginning

Once upon a time (a couple weeks ago) a beautiful princess (DGC#1) asked her fairy godmother (me) to make her a quilt. The fairy godmother, who loves to grant wishes and make quilts, agreed.

“What kind of quilt should I make for the beautiful princess?” the fairy godmother wondered to herself. “Should it have pink hearts and purple flowers? Maybe it could have little kittens on it.”

The fairy godmother thought and thought, which was very difficult for her since she had so many, many thoughts to think.

Time went by (maybe a week) and the fairy godmother went to visit with the beautiful princess and her family. The beautiful princess was going to go on a great quest of knowledge (school was starting the next day) She showed the fairy godmother her magic shoes (sneakers) that were blue and green.

“Blue and green are my favorite colors.” said the beautiful princess.

“Wow!” thought the fairy godmother, “I should make her quilt with blue and green fabrics!”

Very soon after that (yesterday) the fairy godmother went to the magic store (Joanne’s) and bought some blue and green fabric.

“Now I have to come up with a pattern. Something that is pretty and quick, so that I can get this done before Christmas.” thought the fairy godmother.

She thought and thought, which we’ve already heard was very difficult for her.

Poor fairy godmother, she could only think of a simple nine patch with alternating squares of the batik fabric. She needed help. “Perhaps,” she thought, “someone else in the fairy godmother union would be able to suggest something.”

So she put out a call through the magic grapevine (internet) asking for suggestions. She did mention that she was willing to add other fabrics to the three that she had purchased at the magic store, if another godmother thought of a pattern that could use more.

To be continued . . . . .


4 thoughts on “The Tale of a Christmas Quilt – Beginning

  1. My first thought was another jelly roll race with nine patch accents. Second thought was, a rail fence quilt. The blocks go together very fast with strip piecing and a three rail fence is pretty (see your birthday quilt). And of course, there is always Bonnie Hunter’s website list of free patterns for inspiration. Maybe the bordello/trip around the world – another fast strip piecing one.

    You realize this will start another round of DGC quilts when the others see this one! Oh Tim, Cheryl needs that long arm quilting machine now! Happy Quilting


  2. PS – You tell a great children’s story. Maybe you should add author of quilt related children’s stories to your list of projects. Can’t you just see the illustrations?


  3. What a great idea!! I’l get to that in my spare time!!! 😉

    But you’re right, the illustrations for a book like that would be awesome.


  4. I, too, want to make a quilt for DGC#2 for Christmas. She wants something with zebra stripes and neon green. But I need a quick pattern like you!


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