At the Office

Silly Boss! He thinks I should be working for him when there is so much important blogging that needs to be done!! Oh well, I’ll make this short and sweet while I’m taking a little break. Hopefully, he can live with that!

Since I’m not on the home computer, I can’t show you the picture of my Courthouse steps. It is entirely finished, finally!!!! Wow, I was beginning to wonder if that was ever going to happen!

Let’s just take a moment to savor the victory of a finish.


Okay, now it’s on to the next project!!

I’m on a schedule to finish the challenge quilt, so I’m hoping that I can work on the borders for it tonight. I guess it will all depend on what DH decides he wants to do this evening. His choices are:

1) quietly watch TV while I happily sew


2) grumpily watch TV while I stubbornly sew!!!

I would, of course, prefer choice #1.


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