Back to your regularly scheduled blog posts

I’m back from my stay-cation. Back to reality! (Boo – Hiss!) Although my stay-cation actually had a lot of reality mixed in with it. Almost every day there was some interruption that required my attention. Either I had to take care of some “emergency” for DH or I had to babysit a DGC or someone in the family tracked me down and wanted to visit. How come in real life they hardly ever have time to visit, but when I am trying to get away from it all, they show up!?! I mean, it’s wonderful to have them visit, but they do choose less than convenient moments sometimes!!

I did manage to get in a good bit of sewing, (pictures to follow in a future post) which was the main reason for my little adventure. A close second (and probably first in his opinion) was spending quiet time with DH. With no phones ringing and no television, we were able to enjoy the peace and quiet every evening – very nice!!

We ended the stay-cation with a picnic on Sunday. My quilt group – the Heritage Quilters – found their way to the “ends of the earth” at our cabin and we had a wonderful time visiting, hiking, eating and talking quilts!!

Bev and Barb managed to visit for the day. I wasn’t sure what they were going to be able to do, because they had a long day on Saturday. It wasn’t until they showed up that I knew they were not too worn out from their work the day before. We managed to fit in a little sewing time before everyone else showed up for the picnic.

Well, I’ve been postponing it for a few hours now, but I really need to tackle the HUGE stack of mail that built up while I was away. And I need to put everything that I had taken up to the cabin back in the studio where it belongs. Plus, of course, all the regular stuff that needs done – filing, paying bills, cleaning house, etc!!


2 thoughts on “Back to your regularly scheduled blog posts

  1. It was so nice to see you yesterday! I wish we could have stayed longer but I could barely crawl into bed when we got home as it was. It was fun to meet your quilting sisters at the picnic. When you talk about them we’ll at least know who some of them are. And of course, because they’re quilters, they were lots of fun! At least we got to do a little bit of quilting together and I could work out my problem with my challenge quilt. As always, my two good friends help me figure things out – quilting as well as life! Love you guys.


    1. I’m so glad that you were able to make the trip. I wasn’t sure if you would be able to. And, of course, even a little quilting is a good thing. I think everyone was happy to meet you two, as well. Now they have faces for the names that I always mention! Love you, too!!


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