Apparently, even I underestimated the addiction to I have to working on the computer!! I thought I could stay away for one measly week. But here I am, only 2 days into my stay-cation, back on the computer.

Actually, I had to come home to meet with DH. If all works out as planned we are going to go to the stockyard today to try to get a steer. Often there are a number of steer that were raised for the fair that go to the stockyard for various reasons. So this is the Monday to try to get one at a lower cost than buying one at the fair.

Have no fear – we did do our share to support the 4-H kids. We purchased a pig from a young lady that had one for sale. And, if we get a steer today, we will have our pork and beef taken care of for the year. Hooray!

After today, I am going to seriously try to stay away from the computer. After all, I have five quilts to play with this week and I don’t want to shortchange them. I really want to get Courthouse Steps finished. And I would love to have the Bonnie Hunter blocks finished. And, since I have to have the challenge quilt completely finished by the second week of October, I really want to get a good start on that.

So I’m going to get off the computer, take care of a few things that need to be done here (while I’m waiting for DH), go to the stockyard and (hopefully) buy a steer, then get back to my stay-cation!!!

Oh, and here’s a little shout-out to all my loved ones that are, perhaps, misguided in their football loyalties!!! šŸ˜‰ Love ya all!!


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