Courthouse Steps

It took me a little longer than I thought to get this put together, but here are the blocks, all assembled:

I even like how the back turned out:

If you zoom in close, you can plainly see that I need to finish the hand sewing on most of those strips.

Now the question is: What sort of border do I go with? The original pattern calls for a three inch plain border. The designer had cut 3 1/2″ strips from eight different fabrics, sewn them end to end, then attached that as the border. (is that fairly clear to my quilting friends?) I like that look but I’m trying to figure out how I would quilt it. The spiral quilting on each block is pretty close. So the blocks are heavily quilted, which means the border will need to be heavily quilted. So what design would I use on a three inch wide plain strip? I’ll probably go with very close straight lines going across the 3″ width.

But that leads to the next question: How do I attach the borders so that the connecting sashing strips are as unobtrusive as the sashing in the blocks? I still need to think about that one.

NOTICE: DH and I are planning a stay-cation for next week. Believe it or not, I have NEVER stayed at our cabin for more than a day or two. DH has done it many times during hunting season. So I am going to the cabin this weekend and staying there until next weekend when I will be hosting our quilt group summer picnic. DH gets to have a busman’s holiday, since he will have to come home each day to feed the animals and then go to work.

I am planning an ORGY of quilting for the week!!! I have my courthouse steps to finish, the Bonnie Hunter – Jared takes a Wife quilt to sew, my quilt group challenge quilt to get started on, the tiny log cabin quilt to use for leader/enders AND I’ll have my Tea Leaves circles for some relaxing hand sewing!!!! Gee, I wonder what I’ll do if I get all that finished before the week is over? 😉

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that I am probably not going to be on-line for next week. Of course, I could suffer from computer withdrawal and have to come home just to have the familiar feeling of typing on a keyboard – but I wouldn’t count on it, if I were you!! I should be back to my regular weekday posts on August 13.


4 thoughts on “Courthouse Steps

  1. I love how this quilt looks all put together! And I’m inspired to think about a project I can quilt as I go. I’m ready for some relaxation next Sunday after the antique show on Saturday…that is, if we make it. I hope we can. Bev is the one that going to really feel it Sunday morning.


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