Ag Fair continued

DH and I spent the afternoon and evening at the fairgrounds. DGC#1 had three different pig shows throughout the day.

She didn’t place very high, but she wasn’t the bottom of any class either. And she had a good time which is the most important thing. The real test of how well she did is going to be on Saturday evening when the animals get sold. If she sells her animal for a profit, she is doing well.

I got to see all four of the grand daughters at some time during the evening. And I am now the most awesome “Mimi”. All because of this:

I painted my nails! With little designs!

Goodness – someone has dry cuticles. Anyway, it was time well spent to do my nails – all the girls loved them. I ran into friends Belinda and Chris(topher). Belinda grabbed my hand right away to admire. Chris said they were, “So-o-o Cu-u-ute!!! (imagine a falsetto voice when saying that!!) He’s a character.

Between the various pig shows, I was able to tour the exhibit barns.

Of course, the first thing to see were the quilts. This was best of show. Isn’t it gorgeous? There is definitely going to be a Hawaiian inspired quilt in my future.

I am always sad that so much delicious produce gets all wilty sitting in the hot barns!

This was in the school entries. Some young student is already started in quilting. Yeah! We’ve lured another one in!!

DH and I are not big carnival fans, but the midway was crowded with teenagers and parents escorting young children. I tried to get a photo of the ride that made me want to throw up just looking at it, but I just about threw up!!! I wasn’t close to it, so I don’t know the name. Maybe if I go early tomorrow before the rides start, I can get up close and find out the name. The best I could do, photo-wise, was a shot of the Ferris wheel. That’s about the only ride that DH and I can tolerate. (I know – how lame is that?)


One thought on “Ag Fair continued

  1. GLad U have been enjoying the Fair. Sorry U didn’t enter anything. You’ll have 2 let us all know how Latissa does with the sale of the pig(s). Is PaPaw going to be bidding?


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