On the run!

Like I said, this week is crowded with too much to do!! But I didn’t want to miss two days in a row! I’m off to see the chiropractor this morning, then take care of office stuff for DH, then going to fair to see pig shows that DGC#1 will be in.

I did manage to fit in a small amount of sewing time while doing office work yesterday. I will have photos of progress tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “On the run!

  1. Love these signs you find! I chain stitched the four patch blocks from our workshop. Finally, “got” the – spin the center on the back – to get a flat intersection. Repetition is definitely the way I learn. Seems I miscounted how many to sew… again. Guess I’ll just have to cut a few more pieces for four patches.
    Now I’ve got the Happy Trails to You song running through my head. Have fun at the fair.


  2. Speaking of “on the run” I haven’t had a chance to touch my BH workshop quilt…boo hoo! Can’t wait to see you next weekend but Bev and I might be a wee bit tired from Saturday. We’ll need some comfortable sewing and good company! This weekend, I go with my DD and DGC to go to North Carolina to for our first college visit! Enjoy your little ones while they’re still not too expensive!!!


    1. Good luck with college hunting. Yes, as DGC get older they get more expensive! Not looking forward to that with six of them (and who knows how many more!) Next weekend will be as relaxing as I can possibly make it. I know that you will both be worn out, so don’t put any pressure on yourselves. We are going to just relax and visit – no wild parties!!


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