Agricultural Fair

It’s that time of year again. Time for the fair! DH and I went out last night to do a couple of things. Top of the list was to celebrate DGC#1 and #6 birthdays. The sisters were born two days (and a few years!) apart.

Second, since DGC#1 has entered her pigs in the fair, we had to see them.

The one on the left is Rebecca, the one on the right is Cinnamon. One is entered in the meat category and one is entered in the breeding category – but I’m not sure which is which.

This week is going to be hectic, because we will be going out to the fairgrounds a few times to see the various shows. Plus all the additional traffic will make it more difficult to get around for work.

BTW – I didn’t enter anything in the fair this year. I didn’t really have anything finished, except my small hexie wallhanging. And I just didn’t have the time to go out and stand in line to enter one item. Oh well, maybe next year.

I have been working away at my various projects. I finally cut most of the strips for the challenge quilt. I say most, because I thought I had enough cut, but then I realized that I needed more to finish the borders. Here is a tease photo:

I need to take these baggies of fabric strips and turn them into a finished quilt before the second weekend in October!! Since I haven’t had a lot of luck in actually finishing very many ANY projects, my confidence is a little shaky. I am pretty sure that I will be able to finish it in time – if I really buckle down and get to it. But I do know myself pretty well and I am easily distracted!

Sometimes I just want to – SQUIRREL!

(Yes, that is a reference to the dog in “Up!”)

Plus, real life gets in the way. Like right now I’m supposed to be getting started on the end of month invoicing for DH. I better concentrate on that, so that I can start sewing this evening with a clear conscience.


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