Daily Deal

This is a really good website for quilters. They have a Daily Deal that can be amazing. Sometimes they offer items at 90% off!!


I do not check this website every day! If I did, I would soon be receiving packages – every day! And that would soon make DH get very anxious about the costs! Actually, me too! I do realize that even though I WANT every fabric that I see, I cannot HAVE every fabric that I see. First of all, where would I put it all? And second, I’d like to stay married!!! DH is a really great guy, but I think if the quilt stuff spills out of the studio too much, he’s going to have a little bit of a conniption fit!!

That is one reason why I want to get the room over the garage cleaned out. DH has agreed that that would be a great place for my quilting studio. It’s a bigger room and most of the stuff would be contained in an area that he would not have to look at. I know the mess that takes over when I am in the throes of serious quilting is like fingernails on a chalkboard to him. Having it stay in a place that he will not see would make the tension level a little lower.

Another reason is, of course, that I would be able to fit a long arm quilter in there. I do not think that DH is ever going to spontaneously go out and buy a long arm quilter for me. But I think he is getting used to the idea that I am going to have one. So I need to clear out the space for it, so that when I finally get one, I’ll be able to get it set up right away.

Now the question is – what do I get? I’d really like to hear from everyone about their experiences with long arm quilters – good and bad. I have got to decide which one I’d like to have. Any information will be appreciated.


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