A Day with DH

On Sunday, DH and I went for a bike (Harley Davidson bike) ride. We decided to go to the Johnstown Flood Museum. It’s a small place but very interesting. For those that don’t know: On May 31, 1889 the town of Johnstown PA suffered a devastating flood that killed approximately 2200 people. The museum has photos from before and after the flood and numerous artifacts from that time. This one, in particular, caught my eye:

I like that the vines swirl in the same direction on three of the blocks and the lower left hand block goes in the other direction. Also for those that don’t know: the tan fabric that forms the vines and leaves was most likely a very pretty green when the quilt was originally made. There were a number of green dyes from that time period that faded over the years into shades of soft tan.

I wonder who the other ladies were, who the quilt was for and how it ended up at the museum. We quilters need to remember that our quilts can live on for a long time after us and the stories in our quilts can get forgotten. That’s why it’s important to label our quilts. At least with a our name and date, but any other information would be a good idea too.

After the museum, Mr. Katydidart and I rode on the incline plane up Yoder Hill.

At the top is a very nice restaurant “City View” where we had an early supper. I had the Maple Spice Salmon – delicious!!!!

We didn’t realize when we went to get on the incline that we could have ridden our motorcycle onto it and have it ferried up the hill as well. DH says we’ll have to plan a ride with some friends and try that sometime.

Today my plan is to try to achieve some order in the sewing studio. With all the frantic sewing that I had been doing, there is just a HUGE mess in there now. After hearing Bonnie Hunter’s lecture about organizing scraps, I’m actually motivated to get some sort of system in place. So, between office work, answering phones and all the usual “stuff” I’m going to chisel away at the mess in the studio.


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