Where to begin?

Oh My Goodness! What a fantastic weekend!! Bonnie Hunter is definitely someone to meet!! She has so much energy and is FUN, FUN, FUN!! I am an even bigger fan now that I’ve met her in person!

Friday evening we attended her lecture where she explained her “scrap-user” system. Lots of good ideas there people! Check out her website (which is conveniently linked on the left hand side of my blog) I now want to sort out ALL of my scraps and have them ready to sew into quilts! She recommends taking 15 minutes at a time to do that so that the job isn’t overwhelming. At that rate, I think I will be organizing my scraps until I’m 120 years old!!

At the end of the evening there were drawings for a number of door prizes. The very last prize was a book by Bonnie. I just about jumped out of my skin when my name was called!! I am not going to be able to claim that I never win anything anymore. This is the second quilt book I’ve won this year!

Saturday morning started early. Bev, Barb and I wanted to be there as soon as the doors were opened so that we could set up our machines together. Then the stitching began. The energy level in the room was amazing. Imagine all 34 quilt ladies all doing something they love. The room seemed to glow with positive energy!

Bonnie continuously circled the room, stopping to give advice or a demonstration. One of the first demonstrations was using MY strips for the four patch units. (I’m so honored!)

At lunch break (yummy homemade pizza and salads) we had a little bit of show and tell. Bonnie has been working on a hexie quilt for quite some time. So Bev, Barb and I had to show her our hexie quilts. Check out her blog post on Saturday evening to see what she thought of them. I also showed her my log cabin quilt and my Album quilt. I think she liked them a little bit, too.

By the end of the day nearly everyone had finished at least one block, some did a whole lot more. I finished three.

Bonnie very graciously posed with people that wanted to have their picture taken with her. We did a group shot.

Well, I’m off to the office today, so I better get moving. I’m pretty sure my boss isn’t going to pay me to rave about quilting all day long!!


4 thoughts on “Where to begin?

  1. We’re famous! Poor DH, I don’t think I stopped talking about our day with Bonnie, the rest of Sat. night. Or Sunday morning, when I showed him the pictures I took. We will definitely have to take another of her classes somewhere within driving distance. I don’t care what pattern it is either.


    1. Oh Yes!! Another class is definitely on the radar! I am so motivated that I can’t wait to get home today so that I can work on my scraps!


  2. I took a peak at Bonnie’s blog Friday night and there was the evidence of you’all’s work!! I loved the photos of the hexies and her descriptions of their size. Your talent puts you in first place without a doubt. You really impressed her–congratulations. And my claim to fame is I get to say I saw them before Bonnie did and she also said they were as fantastic as I did. Then on Sunday when I saw the blocks from your descriptions of the colors of double cheddar I thought those would be yours. So on Monday when I saw your photos I was right. You’all look so very happy and glad you went. She seems like an old friend. Can’t wait to see your finished scrappy quilts.


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