Album/Friendship/50th Birthday Quilt

Ta-da!! I have another quilt finished to the flimsy stage!

This is the quilt that I was given for my fiftieth birthday. Bev and Barb (two of the best friends a girl can have!) had made the blocks, got a whole bunch of family and friends to sign them and then gave me the blocks to assemble. I went to town and had most of it sewn together before the end of that year. (2010) But then there was a little glitch. There were a few family members that weren’t able to be here to sign blocks. So I decided to mail some blocks to them and get their signatures. All they needed to do was sign the blocks and send them back to me. Surely that wouldn’t take too long. So I sent my little blocks out into the cruel world. And I waited. And I waited. And I waited.

Almost a year later, when I had really given up hope that I would ever get those blocks back, they finally came back to me. But by that time I had moved on to other projects and the album quilt went on the “to-do” pile. Unfortunately, the “to-do” pile is often the “never-gets-done” pile!!

But not this time!! Since I had decided that there was no way I would be able to finish the second half of the log cabin quilt by this afternoon, I put all of that aside (yes, on the “to-do” pile!!!) I woke up yesterday morning and thought that I should try to finish my album quilt. After all, it only required 25 blocks to be sewn together and attached to the lower right hand corner. Surely that wouldn’t take too long! And for once it actually took less time to do that I thought it would!!! Yippee!!

Of course, there is the problem of the other pile in my sewing studio – the “to-be-quilted” pile! That one keeps getting bigger and bigger. Which is my goal – to accumulate a lot of quilts that need to be quilted in an effort to convince DH that I NEED a long arm quilting machine. I just hope I can convince him soon, or the “to-be-quilted” pile might become a “never-gets-done” pile, too! And it would definitely not do to have two “never-gets-done” piles!!!

On another note: Someone mentioned concern about the photos I’ve been posting. Specifically, does DH know about the men that are showing up on my website? (and in my SEWING fantasies!) Yes, he knows about me posting pictures of hot men. He has not seen the pictures of the hot men nor, I think, does he care to! But he did ask that from now on, if I’m going to show hot men, I should show HIM!

So here it goes:

I know, you don’t have to tell me, I am a very lucky woman!


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