Monday again!

Wow, it seems like just a week ago it was Monday and now here it is Monday again! 😉

I’ve been keeping the pedal to the metal on the sewing machine! I am earnestly trying to get my log cabin quilt to the flimsy stage before Friday. Here’s what I have on the design wall so far:

I have about 40 more blocks that are all sewn together. They just need trimmed and then I can add them to the design wall. There are also approx. 150 blocks in various stages of completion, so I am closing in on this goal.

As you may have deduced, I did not finish the Courthouse Steps quilt, YET. When I saw that it was a lost cause – trying to finish it in time for the quilt group meeting – I switched over to sewing my log cabins. My plan is to try to finish as many little blocks as possible today, then, tomorrow, start sewing blocks together. I’m going to work on one quarter at a time, so I will have at least something sewn together to take with me to the workshop this weekend. I’ll get back to finishing the Courthouse Steps after I’ve gotten past this weekend.

Of course, when I have something that I WANT to get done, along comes something that I HAVE to get done.

My garden is exploding with produce right now. So on top of everything else that needs to be done, I have to preserve the harvest! I did shred and freeze the yellow squash last night. I can make squash casserole with that this winter. Or I can add it to soup. Or make zucchini bread (the recipe works just as well with yellow squash as it does with zucchini.) I’m going to have to make pickles with all the cucumbers. Tonight I think I’ll grill the zucchini for supper.


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