This is the kind of help I’d like to see!!

I just don’t know how much actual sewing I would get done!!!

I’m off to the office. Counting down the days until we go to see Bonnie Hunter.


4 thoughts on “This is the kind of help I’d like to see!!

  1. Now that’s something to design a quilt studio around!

    Thank you so much for having us over for a therapy day (and early morning). I had so much fun. I had to go to bed before 9:30 Sunday night. I couldn’t stay awake any longer.


  2. WOW! Now that’s a design wall! Who needs blocks?

    I had such a great time Saturday but was pretty tired out by the time I got home with the heat. Thank you so much for inviting us on a weekend when you had so much other stuff going on. I don’t know how you manage it all. I started cutting my Bonnie Hunter pieces yesterday and have a large print center block, plain cheddar star points, red star rectangles, and green nine-patches. Can’t wait to play in less than two weeks! See you then.


  3. I had a wonderful time on Saturday. I definitely needed to get together for fabric therapy and catching up with good friends! I think the heat did everyone in – I went to bed at 9:00 on Sunday because I was falling asleep in the recliner while watching TV.

    Barb, your choice of colors sounds really good. I am really looking forward to the workshop and getting to see how these all go together.


  4. Do you think he only does blocks? I’d be happy if he did housework or windows or almost anything else!!!


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