Pay it Forward

I am running behind in everything today!! Here it is after noon and I am only now getting around to posting.

I’m also running behind with this new thing I found out about. I was checking out other blogs for a little bit, to get some inspiration. I came across a lovely blog by Jenny called, Living Crafting and Quilting. Jenny lives in Derbyshire England (U.K.) I was looking at her most recent post and it was about a little project called Pay it Forward. All I had to do was comment and I could join in the fun, which I did. Then I checked out more about Pay it Forward. I’ll give you all the details in a moment, but first I have to say that I realized I was running behind because this started in January!!! And I only found out about it in June!! But I’m still going to participate and see what happens.

So here are the details:

Join me to Pay it Forward

PAY IT FORWARD 2012- register now.

I responded to Jenny, from Living, Crafting and Quilting, calling for PIF participants and I am so excited as some time in the next 12 months Jenny must make and send me a surprise gift. I don’t know when I will receive this gift, or what it will be. Registering with her means that I have to Pay it forward to three recipients. ( like a chain letter but a lot more fun).
So please, please, please – who wants to be my recipients this year?

The first three to comment will receive a hand made gift from me within 12 months from registration.
The timing of the gift will be a surprise, but I must do this within 12 months.

All you need to do is be one of the first 3 people to comment on this post to be a recipient, but if you comment then you must put a post on your blog to Pay It Forward. Also remember that I need to get in contact with you, so ensure you are not a “no reply” blogger.


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