Way to go Mom!

I got a call from mom last night. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that she had sewn all the blocks into rows! I think she has a few less interruptions to her day than I do, but still that was quite an accomplishment for a first time quilter.

She sent me a picture of the rows sewn together:

She took the picture on her cell phone, sent it to me in an e-mail. I saved the picture to my computer, then inserted it into this post. That is probably why the quality is not the greatest. But it gives you an idea of how she is doing.

I do not have anything new to talk about. I’m still doing a little work on Tea Leaves and Courthouse Steps, but not enough to remark on. I did press some of my neutral fabrics in preparation for that other project I talked about yesterday. I hesitate to cut anything yet, because I don’t want strips of fabric laying about getting frayed. I’ve sort of set a goal for myself that I must finish Courthouse Steps by next months quilt group meeting. I would like to be able to take a finished quilt to show and tell. I’ve been part of the group since September 2011 and I have only been able to show one finished quilt;

That was my little hexie quilt that I finished in November!! I’ve finished donation quilts, which is good, but those aren’t show and tell material. Everything else that I’ve taken for show and tell has been flimsies. Of course, everyone knows my reasons for stocking up on flimsies, but still, I would like the satisfaction of at least one finished quilt!!! So I am going to try very hard to concentrate on finishing Courthouse Steps!! Wish me luck!


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