Donation quilt #4

I am usually not a big fan of Sunday. It seems like most Sundays are a day of rest for DH but not for me! Someone still has to fix meals, clean up after, etc, etc, etc.

But yesterday was a lovely day. DD wanted to host a cookout. So I didn’t have a lot of cooking and cleaning! That freed up enough time for me to finish my 4th donation quilt. All I have to do is finish the binding.

But today I had to (finally) take my truck to the garage which meant that I had to get a ride with DH. And he doesn’t like to make “unnecessary ” trips back home. So I brought my quilt with me.  I am able to sew while he is taking care of service calls!


He did start early today, so we should be able to go home at a reasonable hour. Meanwhile, I’m not sitting around twiddling my thumbs wishing I could be at home so I could accomplish something! AND he can’t complain that all I’m doing is sewing – cause that is all I can do!


3 thoughts on “Donation quilt #4

  1. I agree with you about Sundays. Who gets to rest? If the good Lord really wanted women to rest on Sundays, he should have taken another one of Adam’s ribs and created Sunday Fairies to come in and do all the work while us women put up our feet and rested!


  2. Can I get two Sunday fairies to take over for me? We did a show in OH Fri. (up at 5am, slept on the ground in the show tent)and Sat. (up at 5:30am). Got home at 10:30pm Sat. On Sun., we unloaded the van, every thing was covered in dust from the race track we were set up at, started washing all the table covers and blankets we use to pack, watered the garden, unloaded two wagons of hay with the next door farmers, made supper, washed dishes, I can’t remember after that. I’m getting a full time job so I can work less hours! Like that will work. Up at 6 tomorrow for the first day at the new job. Fun stuff!


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