My Apologies

I realized much too late that I may have mislead some people when I gave the title “Quilt as you go Demonstration” to one of my blog posts. Apparently, some people thought that there was going to be a DEMONSTRATION within the blog post. When what I was actually ranting about was the fact that I had to give a demonstration IN PERSON at a quilt guild!!

So I do sincerely apologize to everyone that checked in to see a demonstration and only got me whining. To make it up to everyone, I will be using the quilt-as-you-go method to put together one of my quilts. Only one, since I need to have about 100 flimsies made up to justify the purchase of a long arm quilter!! Anyway, I will take lots of photos and put together a (hopefully terrific) tutorial for everyone.

I did manage to finish another donation quilt.

This is done in the style of Kaye Wood’s 6 Hour Quilt. I can’t tell you if it actually took 6 hours, because I only worked on it a bit at a time. But it did go together very quickly. I know the edges are unfinished – the lady in my quilt group that is organizing the donation quilts, is going to finish the edges with her serger. Personally, I would opt for binding, which would definitely make it take more than six hours, but I like a bound edge to a quilt.

One unfortunate note is that this is only the second donation quilt that I’ve made for the year. Since one of my new year resolutions was to make a donation quilt every month, I am falling sadly behind. If everyone would send some positive thoughts my way, maybe I would be motivated to get caught up on my goal! Thanks in advance!


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