Quilt as you go demonstration

I am supposed to give a demonstration this evening about how I make quilts with the quilt as you go method. I am trying to prepare for this.

Let’s see how I’m doing.

Examples of quilts made with this method:



Books that I reference – to be sure I give the correct credit.



Samples to hand out so that everyone can see it up close and personal.



Now, let’s see. Is there something else I need? Oh! I know! Something to say! It might be a good idea to have something to say.

Uh-oh! What the heck am I going to say? To a large group of people? When my mouth goes dry cause I don’t do public speaking?

How did I get talked into this madness!?!

Okay. Calm down. Take a deep breath. Remember that these are quilt ladies we’re talking about. They are nice people. I’ve talked in front of groups before (and survived the ordeal) I’ve met some of these ladies before so they aren’t strangers.

And best of all, Bev and Barb are going to be right beside me (whether they like it or not!)

I’ll be seeing the two of you later tonight. To everyone else:


2 thoughts on “Quilt as you go demonstration

  1. You did a great job last night! All the ladies seemed every involved with your talk. Having pieces and quilts to pass around really kept their attention. I especially liked the partially done tops so you could see at the edge of the seams, how the layers went together. I wish I had considered this method before completing my basket quilt top and buying an extra wide yardage for the backing. When are you getting that long arm? I need this one done by August.


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