Back to real life

After spending the weekend camping, listening to bluegrass bands and relaxing, it’s very hard to come back to all the “stuff” that needs to be done! But I’m trying valiantly to keep things done around here, because DH has planned some other trips this summer. This is the first time in many years that he would even consider going away during the summer at all, let alone more than once!! So I’m going to dig in and keep things as caught up as I possibly can!!

We had a wonderful time at the Spring Pickin’ Festival, which was in Blain PA. Here is the view from where our camper was set up:

Let me zoom in on the center of that view:

We were close enough to the stage that we could sit out under our canopy and listen to the bands. Since there was music on stage almost all the time, that made it very nice to be able to fix meals and relax. We’d carry our chairs down close to the stage some of the time, then when we were hungry we could still listen to the music while DH grilled some hamburgers and I threw together a salad.

In between the acts on stage there were jam sessions going on everywhere:

DH and I were a little surprised about the people attending. There were a LOT of younger people and also a LOT of “hippies” I call them new age hippies because most of them are in their 20s. There was a lot of tie dye clothing, maxi skirts, and dreadlocks. Ugh!! How can people stand to have their hair in dreadlocks?

I need to get to work on my donation quilts. I have one that I need to finish by tomorrow – the fabric and batting were donated by my quilt group and I am supposed to have it finished by the May meeting – oops! I didn’t get it done then, so I have to have it finished before the dinner the group is having for one of our Bevs. It’s her birthday and we are taking her out to celebrate tomorrow evening. So I better get to work!!!

One thought on “Back to real life

  1. What a way to relax! I’m sure you sqeezed in some hand-stitching, sitting and listening to great music! Can’t get better than that.


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