Quilt Group Meeting

We had our monthly meeting last night with a workshop beforehand. The workshop was on “Wonderful One Fabric Quilts” which I think is in a book by ______. Sorry, I don’t know who the book is by! Our president, Sue, had made a couple of quilts using this technique and she was trying to show the rest of us how to do it. I don’t have any photos of the results for that, mainly because no one had very much to show for their efforts yet! I hope to have some photos next month when the ladies that took part have something finished.

I have shown you my mystery quilts, here are the other ladies efforts (Sorry in advance for the picture quality):

Bev made this one. (We have three Bev’s in our quilt group!)

Bev’s sister, Shelley, made this one. Those are ducks on the big blocks, not flowers.

Sue (not our president – we have three Sues, too.) couldn’t leave well enough alone! She made made a square in square snowball block and pinwheels for the cornerstone blocks. That’s why hers isn’t finished yet!!

Karen made this Christmas version.

Our fearless leader, Sue, made this. Note that she made the border blocks in a different color than the pieces that make the star points. I really like that idea. Also note that her’s is the only one quilted. People that have long arm quilters get so much more done!!!

Those were all the mystery quilts last night. I don’t know if anyone else made one but wasn’t there to show.

I’m taking mom to doctor appointments today. So I better get things done around here and go.


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