Real Life Gets in the Way

I’ve been wondering why I haven’t posted anything about quilting lately. I keep meaning to but it seems like I don’t have any quilt related things to write about. I’ve been working on the second mystery quilt top (the Christmas fabric one that I cut slightly wrong), but it’s going slowly. It seems that real life keeps getting in the way. This is what happens.

I told you about DGC#5 coming for the day on Friday. I didn’t expect to get much done that day and my expectations were more than fulfilled! Not only did I get to play with DGC#5, but I got to take care of his puppy, too!!

So between keeping DGC#5 entertained and protecting adorable puppy from the attention of DGC#5 (picture this – “NO, don’t pull the puppy’s tail! You can’t throw the puppy! The puppy doesn’t like when you pick him up like that! etc. etc. etc.!!!) there was no stitching done.

Then on Saturday, DH and I were going to the Purple Fiddle. So I spent the better part of the day trying to finish sewing the blocks for the mystery quilt together. I sew a few seams, then DH needs to show me something out in the living room. While in the living room I notice the out of control pile of newspapers, magazines and catalogs. Sort through and throw away (be ruthless, cause they breed like crazy!!) Then the trash needs to be emptied. Be sure to get the trash out of the studio and look longingly at the blocks still waiting to be sewn. Once trash is gathered realize that I need something to wear for our evening out. Put laundry in washer. Get a phone call from DS#3 – he was going to go with us to PF, but has changed plans. Need to check with DD because she mentioned that she might want to go to PF. Leave voice message and text message for her. Decide to call DS#2 and see if he wants to join us. Hear the washer finish and go into laundry room to transfer clothes from washer to dryer. Think about sewing, but realize I haven’t fed dog or cats yet this morning. Feed animals. Realize I’m getting hungry. Fix a sandwich. Wash dishes. DH wants to know if anyone is going with us to PF. Have a brain storm and text good friends to see if they would like to join us. Many texts back and forth to determine, Yes, they will go, where and when we will meet, etc. Forgot laundry in dryer and need to press blouse that I was going to wear. Get ready to go to PF. No more stitching done on Saturday!!

But we had a good time with friends Belinda and Chris at the Purple Fiddle!!

And so my week has gone. Sunday was a lovely day spent at the cabin. Monday I worked at the office. Tuesday I spent cleaning the camper. Yesterday I was chauffeur for mom, then had to go back to the office to make changes for a customer. And today, more of the same. It’s almost noon and not a single stitch.

But I know that it is there waiting patiently for me. And sometime soon I’ll get into my studio, real life will leave me alone for a while and I’ll get another quilt top or two finished!!


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