Guess where I am today

I had to take mom to the Verizon store for the THIRD time today. Can any one guess which town I’m in? Hint: Bev and Barb should be able to guess easily.



3 thoughts on “Guess where I am today

  1. Barb,

    You’re a winner!! Your prize is a personal visit from me, to demonstate quilt-as-you-go methods!! I will be there on May 17!!

    I was actually going to try to take a picture of your church (I’m assuming that there is only one church of the brethren in town) But I drove right past it before I realized where I was!!


  2. Yes, the courthouse was familiar, but it was all the signs that caught my eye first. I still remember when Somerset made the national news for one of the worst places for confusing road signs. They photographed the intersection coming off the turnpike to the Harley Davidson/EatnPark intersection. The utility poles are just covered in signs.


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