Hello Trouble!

I woke up this morning and this song was stuck in my brain.

Then I realized why!

DGC#5 (Darling Grand Child #5) will be here later today! I know most of the lyrics don’t actually fit the visit of a grandchild, but the first line certainly fits this adorable little one!! He is all boy and likes more than anything to play in mud! I don’t think I’ll be getting much done this afternoon!

I’m sorry I missed everyone yesterday by not posting on the blog. It threw my whole day off. I had to go to the office for my other boss (the one I’m NOT married to) in the morning. Then DH (the boss I AM married to) needed some office things taken care of. Between the two bosses, who decided they needed to hang over my shoulder all day, I couldn’t take care of any important stuff – like keeping in touch with all my “peeps”!!

Tomorrow is going to be semi-busy, too. But in a good way. DH and I will be enjoying the second part of our Christmas gift from DS#3. We get to go to the Purple Fiddle again. Where we will be seeing “Cabinet” Really looking forward to it.


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