Madly sewing

By next quilt group meeting I need to have one donation quilt finished and 2 mystery quilt tops finished. Fortunately, the mystery quilts are already partially done, so it is conceivable that I will be able to have them completed in one month. I am spending every possible moment that I can steal away to run the sewing machine at full speed! Instead of watching the morning news, I sew. When I wake up early, I sew. Instead of watching the evening drivel, I sew. I do whatever I absolutely have to do in the way of cooking, cleaning and office work, then I sew. That is the only way I can accomplish all that I accomplish. Of course, all this machine sewing means that I’m not hand sewing the Tea Leaves circles, so it will probably take me more like 18 years instead of 16 to get that finished!! I have no new photos for you, so I hope you enjoy this video:

There are a lot of videos of Maru the cat on You Tube.


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