I was afraid of this

I just knew that we were going to pay for the mild weather we had in March. And now the piper has shown up! We woke up to this:

Our apple and pear trees do not look like they are going to do too much this year. I’m afraid that the snow and cold is going to prevent any kind of harvest from our trees.

Oh well, since there’s nothing I can do about the weather, I’ll move on to other topics.

I went to quilt group meeting last night. It was so good to see everyone again. I took my two latest flimsies (DH’s blue moose and yesterday’s finish, the DNP) One of the other ladies had also used the Disappearing Nine Patch pattern to make a quilt for her father-in-law (obviously, she did not make that in pinks!) Two other ladies used the same pre-printed fabric blocks to make two entirely different looking quilts. Both were lovely.

I came home with a donation quilt kit. I really don’t need a kit, because I have plenty of fabric that I would like to use up, but they had made the kits up and this one was left over. So, I have another donation quilt to work on. Since I am falling behind on my resolution to make a donation quilt each month, I thought I should at least get this one finished before next meeting. Maybe I’ll even get inspired to finish a few more with my own fabrics!

We are also supposed to bring in our Mystery quilts next meeting. So I better get sewing!


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