The Best Laid Plans of Mice, Men and Quilters

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was not able to go to the quilt show with the girls. Very Sad 😦

But it did have some good consequences! One – DH must have felt bad for me not being able to go, because he kept very quiet about all the time I spent on quilting. AND he even took me out to dinner AND was willing to go to Olive Garden – even though he doesn’t really like that particular restaurant!!! So, even though I didn’t get to spend time with Bev and Barb and I missed them terribly, I did have a nice day.

I was able to get all the strip sets sub-cut, sewn into 9 patches and all the 9 patches cut into quarters.

Maybe this evening I will be able to start sewing the quarters into the finished blocks. Then I’ll need to clear my design wall and start laying out the blocks into a quilt top. Yippee!!

Oh, I almost forgot, DH also stopped at the BOOKSTORE (!!!!) after eating at Olive Garden. WITHOUT COMPLAINING!!! Just so that I could get the next issue of McCall’s Quilting which has the final steps for the mystery quilt!! And, Hooray, I like the finished quilt that they have pictured in the magazine. So after I finish the DNP quilt top, I can get my two mystery quilts finished!! Well, the tops anyway!!

I’m so excited!! But then, I am easily entertained!!


One thought on “The Best Laid Plans of Mice, Men and Quilters

  1. We missed you so much! We kept pointing out quilts that you would like, or fabrics. We also agreed that we need to schedule another trip to the Finleyville Quilt Shop, very soon. You get to pick the date.
    I think we made it about 10′ into the store before we started piling up the bolts we wanted quarters and halves cut from. When one of the sales ladies saw our piles of bolts, she came and asked if we needed any help. I asked her if we could come live there. She said they were full now, but if there were any openings, she’d call us.
    At least Tim showed some remorse for messing up your plans. Pretty soon you’ll have three more tops completed. At this rate, you’ll have your 50 tops before the end of the year! Maybe a long arm for your birthday this year!


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