A Busy Weekend

Dh and I were informed at the last minute that “we” were going to have a get together at the cabin on Saturday evening. DS#3 and a few of his buddies were going to be playing and singing. So DH and I had to hurry around and get other things (like food and drink) organized. We were allowed to invite a few of our friends as well. After all the hustle and bustle it was a pretty small group that showed up. DS#1 and his family did not show up. But we did have a really good time.

Friday evening and early Saturday morning, before finding out about the party, I had worked on more of the Disappearing nine patch and the Tea Leaves. Here’s what I have so far.

These are all the strips for the DNP. I’ve got them all cut and sorted in groups for the blocks. Maybe I can start sewing them this evening.

I finally did the math for the Tea Leaves quilt. IF (that is a big if!) I want to make this big enough to cover my queen size bed I would need to make 240 circles (plus sew all those circles together!!) I have been working on this quilt, off and on, for two years!! And I have 31 circles finished!!! At this rate it will take me approx. 16 years to finish the circles and that does not include sewing them all together!!! Good thing I’m not making this as a gift for anyone!!!


3 thoughts on “A Busy Weekend

  1. Oh no! Too bad I couldn’t get it done when I had reached your age!! But then I would have to be traveling back in time!

    I’ll just try not to think about how much more work there is to do and just enjoy making circles for quite a few more years!


  2. You could always use the circles as a center in a medallion quilt. That way the other rows would grow faster to reach the bed size you want. Then again, I have medallion quilts on the brain lately.
    Looking forward to the Quilt Show in Pittsburgh on Saturday!


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