AQS Quilt Show

AQS – American Quilter’s Society.

Bev, Barb and I went to Lancaster to the AQS show on Saturday. Did we ever have fun! There are so many BEAUTIFUL quilts to look at. And so many vendors to tempt us into purchasing more “stuff”!! I think we all put a big dent in our quilting budgets.

Here are some photos of quilts that appealed to me.

Apparently I really liked houses!! I do have an idea in the back of my mind for a quilt with houses – but it is something that won’t happen for many years, I think. But I’ll have these photos for reference whenever I do start it.

I did take lots more photos of all kinds of other quilts. I’ll post more tomorrow.

And I actually got to work in the studio yesterday!! Hooray!! I sewed the borders on DH’s quilt, which made him very happy. So I have another finished flimsy to add to the pile. I’m thinking that when I have 100 quilt tops that need to be quilted, I might be able to convince DH that I need a long arm quilter!! Because I figured out that a basic set-up is going to be around $8,000.00. So if I have 100 quilts, that would mean the cost of quilting would only be $80.00 each!! What a bargain, right?! I guess I’ve got a lot more sewing to do!!


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