Signs of Spring

I’m not sure any longer about what is the official first day of spring. I always thought that it was the Vernal Equinox which will happen in this neck of the woods on March 20. But then there have been announcements on the news of climatological spring, which starts on March 1.

What I do know is this – the plants are ready for spring!

The bulbs in the flower bed (I’m not a good enough gardener to tell you what these will be just by looking at the foliage – when they bloom, I’ll know what they are!)

I do know that this is my lilac bush.

And here’s a wild rose. I hope the weather continues to be mild or all the plants are going to suffer.

Here’s an update of the fabrics I’ve pulled for the Disappearing Nine Patch. I now have 31 neutral fabrics and 28 pinks. I still have 9 browns. My goal is to have 36 different pinks and 36 different neutrals. I only need 9 browns. My reasoning for that is: If I cut a 3 1/2″ strip from each fabric, like I did for the original test blocks, I can make 12 blocks from each set of strips (a set would be 4 pinks, 4 neutrals and 1 brown) If I have 9 sets of fabrics that would make 9 dozen blocks (108 blocks) Each block will finish at 8.5 inches. I need to make 2 additional blocks with some scraps to make a quilt of 10 x 11 blocks – 85″ x 93.5″ which would be big enough for my queen size bed. And it would give me the variety that I really, really like.

I talked to Bev last night and she assures me that we can search for more pinks when we go to the Lancaster quilt show. I really would like to add 8 more pink and 5 more neutral fabrics to the mix. I think I’ve found all that I have in my stash. So I’ll just HAVE to buy a little more fabric. 😉

Now I have to confess that I was at the Country Roads quilt shop yesterday and the owner, Peggy, helped me find these:

Thank you, Peggy, for enabling my addiction!! If you look closely, you’ll probably recognize a lot of fabrics that came from your shop!


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